Deanship of Quality Assurance and Accreditation

شعار جامعة القصيم



1.       General Supervision of all authorities having to do with the quality administration; layout the role of the underlying units, approve their work plans and keep on their continuous development.
2.       Approval to form committees related to departments and units having to do with the administration for fulfillment of its  objectives.
3.       Use of different means to spread and propagate quality culture and strategic planning as well as data related to evaluation and academic accreditation across academic and administrative departments of the university.
4.       Setting an integrated continued self evaluation scheme for the university performance as well as quality assurance measures for its academic and administrative units; also setting rules, regulations and necessary procedures for the fulfillment of the university objectives in quality and academic accreditation.
5.       Working towards the organization of all universities activities related to the preparation and execution of evaluation and academic accreditation plans and quality assurances in all academic and administrative university units.
6.       Development of criteria and indicators for management of performance.
7.       Study the administrative and organizational problems faced by the units of the university and the proposal solutions.
8.       Dissemination and development of questionnaires for the report of the academic activity of a member of the faculty and alumni.
9.        Control and monitor the level of quality in the various units of the university units.
10.    Authorize disbursement of the advanced payments.
11.    Study the annual reports presented by concerned departments.
12.    Study the items referred to it by the University Board, or its Board chairman, or the Rector.
13.    Direct communication with ministries, public entities and other organizations according to their profession.
14.   Evaluation of performance of administrative staff.