Deanship of Quality Assurance and Accreditation

شعار جامعة القصيم



Standing Committee for Quality and Development
Leadership and excellence in quality and development at Qassim University.
To support the mission of Qassim University by planning and developing all activities embracing innovation and comprehensive quality to produce excellent graduates, high quality research and outstanding community services.
 1-To spread and preserve the culture of quality at Qassim University and make quality a basic requirement for development.
2-To develop and follow up the improvement strategies and systems of comprehensive quality and continuous development to realize the mission of Qassim University .
3- To ensure that administrative and organizational structures are in place to monitor the effectiveness of the processes of quality and development . 
4-To identify and seize opportunities that will enhance the university public image.             
5-To ensure that all media and publication materials related to quality and development present a consistent message and image in accordance with the mission of the university.
Tasks :
1.       To determine specific mechanisms to spread and establish a culture of quality and development at the university.
2.       To supervise the implementation of quality and development projects at the university.
3.       To review and evaluate the quality performance and development at the university, taking into account the key performance indicators by reviewing periodic reports.
4.       To present proposals and make recommendations to raise the level of quality performance and development at the university.
5.       To participate in revising and updating the mission, vision and objectives of the university in light of modern changes.
6.       To supervise, encourage and equip all members of the quality and development units to work cohesively and maintain accountability for all of their activities.
7.       To create a stimulant mechanism for all excellent units in quality and development at the university.
8.       To support the portal web page, information systems and media by providing up-to-date, relevant data.
9.       To report any matter it considers relevant to issues of quality and development in order to correct deficiencies in such issues.
10.    To review and discuss in detail the annual reports of the University, Faculties and Programs and provide these parties with feedback for continuous improvement.
11.    To review and discuss in detail the annual statistical reports of the University which are produced by the Deanship of Information Technology and suggest improvements accordingly.