Deanship of Quality Assurance and Accreditation

شعار جامعة القصيم



Quality Commitment
The University’s commitment to quality improvement.
The following actions were taken to insure that all sections of the University and its leadership, faculty, and staff are committed to quality improvement
·         The preparation of the Strategic Plan of the University.
·         Work on the preparation of a strategic plan to ensure institutional quality.
·         The development of a system of program quality assurance.
·         All the academic programs of the University have been committed to apply the requirements of the NCAAA as specifying the programs and the courses, and preparing the course and program reports. The percentage of achievement  has been confirmed through the first and second field visits.
·         All the colleges have been committed to develop their academic programs and applying the Quality Assurance System for Academic Programs [H3.8] through contracts between the Quality Assurance Deanship and the colleges. In this regard, contracts have been signed with more than 20 colleges out of 25 working colleges. It is planned to sign contracts with the rest of colleges in the academic year 1433/1434 H.
·         Establishing a Quality Benchmarking Committee for each program offered in several departments. The committee is headed by a representative of the benchmarking department that has gone far away in the quality processes. The job of these committees is to help the programs offered in different locations especially those of the new colleges to acquire the quality culture, and to continuously apply the quality processes. This ensures the similarity of the quality levels in all university locations.  
·         Work on the preparation of strategic plans for the sub-units of the university.
·         Develop a new organizational structure that includes the Vice Presidency for Development, Planning, and Quality, and the Deanship of Quality Assurance, and Units for Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation in the Colleges.
The University held courses and workshops to promote the culture of quality and the implementation of questionnaires that serve quality assurance.