Deanship of Quality Assurance and Accreditation

شعار جامعة القصيم



The important achievements of the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Accreditation
The Deanship of Quality Assurance and Accreditation is in charge of the implementation and the supervision of several important projects in the field of quality assurance and accreditation as seen below [H3.6, H3.7]:
1. Working on the project for the preparation of the strategic plan for quality assurance in the University that is consistent with the Strategic Plan of the University. A team has been formed for this project.
2. Supervising the Institutional Accreditation Project of the University.
3. Working on the preparation of quality assurance systems at the university as follows:
a. Quality Assurance System for Academic Programs has been completed and adopted by the Higher Committee of Academic Accreditation. It is now being circulated to all academic programs at the university within the current year. The system provides a full explanation of the measurement of program outcomes, its role, and the procedures for quality assurance.
b. Work is currently underway on the preparation of the Institutional Quality Assurance System for Qassim University where most components have been completed. It is noteworthy that this system depends on the evaluation of institutional performance based on several sources of information and data.
c. Dissemination of the culture of quality and promotion of the University Institutional Academic Accreditation through fulfilling the work of the deanship of quality assurance and accreditation in this area.
d. Cooperation with the university colleges which work for international academic accreditation projects, namely; College of Economy and Administration, College of Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Community in Buraidah, College of Community in Oniza and College of Sciences.
e. Following up the projects of developing the colleges’programs, and ensuring the application of the quality assurance system for academic programs through paying scheduled visits to all university colleges. the visits has been done by a team headed by the Vice Rector of Planning, Development and Quality, and it comprises the dean of Quality Assurance, the Dean of Information Technology and the Strategic Planning Unit Supervisor. The results of the first and second quality rounds revealed that the University Colleges had committed themselves to the main quality works with high achievement [H3.19].